🛡️ HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO ‘TIL THE END OF THE NIGHT: in which a sword is a person and a person is a sword

From the classified archives of the library of the Paladins of Bahamut

Excerpt from the letters of Bearer Temhojamak Arkris to the Temple Masters on the subject of their charge, first class artifact #03887 | greatsword.

In a dream, a vision more vivid than any waking moment of my life. The desert fades to black. The universe itself hums with the echoes of a voice older than time itself. The sound is deafening to focus on. It rings in the head cacophonous and yet harmonious and soothing.

Words and phrases begin to take shape among the hum. The oaths of the Paladins of Bahamut. The true names of those in my draconic lineage. My own voice even, reciting Bahamut’s Virtues in the lessons of my childhood. The echoes lift these concepts from my mind and reflect them back at me, giving them a new almost material presence that pushes against me.

Like needle and thread, I feel these echoes glide through my body and mind. They weave themselves into every fiber of my being, giving me shape and substance.

Threads emanate from my palms and pull my hands to the hilt of my charge. As I grasp the sword and hold it out in front of me, the two of us are struck as if by lightening. Our threads unite and shoot through each other. As the threads of the sword wind themselves through my being, a single name stands out among the echoes. Uxwiivai.

For the next month, my dreams lucidly relive the battles of legendary heroes that bore the sword before and after me.

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