everything that you thought I would be
has fallen apart right in front of you

WILL YOU MAKE ME SOME MAGIC WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS?: in which the Song and Dance Crew performs their first act, Iago opens with a fish, and the competition catches fire

The evening before our competition, everyone was preparing. Felegum had scoured Reach’s Fallow for instruments. “I need instruments for me and Dronie,” he’d said after dinner at the Raven’s Talon. Outside, a bird cawed. “A little late in the game,” said a server dryly. “Mine,” Iago said proudly, “is coming in tomorrow morning.” Felegum contemplated…

ALL I KNOW ARE SAD SONGS: in which the voice of the dragon speaks

Mist and the cold chilly air of the peak filtered in as we stepped out. There were strange chemical smells mixed in with the natural ones, like brimstone, smoke, and manure. It was both very clean (the alpine freshness of great altitudes, rock laced with rain) and very gross (noxious things that smelled more like…


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