zeno kelethin

revel and riot

Raised among humans in a human city, Zeno the Half-Elf struggled to fit in for most of his youth. Finding and sharing his talent for music, however, soon ingratiated him to the local people, who much appreciated his bold commentary on the local Count’s oppressive rule. Over time, Zeno gained renown–and a bit of coin, too. However, the Count eventually caught wind of Zeno’s sedition, and sent soldiers to capture and execute the bard. Zeno narrowly escaped with his life, and had no choice but to flee the city, leaving his mother, siblings, and most of his belongings behind. Over the last several years, Zeno has traveled the realm, beginning to practice fencing with a rapier and refining his bardic arts. He shares the joy of the bagpipes in taverns in exchange for coin, drink, and stories.

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