some d&d characters

Surprise! We are a group of friends who play Dungeons and Dragons!

What started in April 2020 as a throwaway comment in a zoom party (the classic “if anyone wants to play dnd, I’ll DM”) quickly became the best part of everyone’s weeks during the intense lockdown stages of the early pandemic. With the group spread over six states and three time zones, a game had never seemed possible or likely…until now.

After about a year and a half of zoom and roll20 dnd, the group was able to get together in July 2021 for the inaugural #airdnd (aka renting an airbnb for the express purposes of playing dnd and taking a group vacation together, bka yet another offhand pun that became reality). It was a riot, and a second in-person event is in the works.

The concept of the Angsty Teen Breakfast Blog also started as a random joke, and then became a central part of main narrator Set’s character and also the campaign’s focus on food culture in fantasy. (ngl, it’s also a great excuse to look at beautiful pictures of food.)

We play weekly and you can learn more about who our characters are by clicking on their individual pages. If you know us in the real and are interested in being a guest character and joining us for a few sessions, please reach out! We’re happy to teach you how to play (or refresh you if it’s been a minute/edition) and we’d love to have you. 🙂